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Why supercharged model modified cold​

The published date:2013-03-25

Why turbocharged models to cold installation purpose mainly is to reduce inlet temperature, maybe someone will ask why the need to reduce inlet temperature? This must be mentioned that the principle of turbocharging system, simply is the use of engine exhaust gas to operate the turbine exhaust emissions by leaf, and then drive to the other side inlet vane, forced by turbine after the compressed air into the engine combustion chamber, because of the exhaust gas temperature, usually up to 8 to 9 baidu so jointly made turbine ontology also is in a state of high temperature.

So then you will raise the temperature through the inlet to the turbine air temperature, and after the compressed air is easier to produce high temperature state (because of the compressed air molecules in the wake of distance is smaller, and therefore easy to each other during heat generated), if the high temperature gas without cooling into the cylinder, it is easy to cause the combustion in engine temperature is too high, then can make gasoline precombustion detonation make engine operating temperature rise, the volume of compressed air at the same time will also expanding with heat and in reducing oxygen in the atmosphere, thus will reduce charging efficiency, nature cannot produce the power output. In addition, the high temperature the stealth killer on the engine, if you don't try to reduce the operating temperature, once encounter hotter weather environment or drive for a long time, it is easy to increase the engine failure probability, so need help installing intercoolers apparatus to reduce inlet temperature.

This Option to find several manufacturers to provide several groups of pre - cold, and a set of GDB above the original position exchange type cold trap, respectively, the Japanese brands HKS, Trust, and Taiwan yi chau, xu, strength the, yong wei and so on seven big manufacturers to do the basic cooling efficiency test for everyone. This test is very simple, simple for everyone to do a simple cooling efficiency test, in the same room temperature in the cold trap into the wind side with the same blower to direct the gale-force winds that blow (inlet is equipped with a thermometer to measure inlet temperature), until exports to 40 degrees Celsius thermometer inter-cooled crashed again in the export side is equipped with a thermometer () surface with the electric fan for cooling, wind measuring in every 15 seconds to achieve cooling efficiency, continuous two minutes cooling efficiency and the temperature of each period.

Why should modified inter-cooled turbocharged models why implement turbocharged models will cold

Although can't really compared with vehicle bump state of wind, but we are all in the same test conditions, so the cooling efficiency is good or bad is also can immediately discriminant, inter-cooled modified, of course, also be involved in a variety of factors such as air pressure, density, and wind speed, after modified inter-cooled also must match on the adjustment of the computer didn't have the means to full play, so that a correct concept of modified is also the Option has been want to tell the drivers, then take a look at all for us test process and results! HKS provided belongs to S - Type style front inter-cooled double style commonly known as basic, corresponding to about 400 HP, its feature lies in the corresponding original position the gearing Type turbine or machine and original turbine or simply improve the turbine pressure style.

From appearance looks very obvious can see come out, into the duct with the high cost of 4 mm round design, be full of the whole line is very close and mid-cooling ontology, regardless of from the front or from behind to see clearly understand this belongs to the cooling efficiency of the inter-cooled orientation, this is fully focused on the cooling efficiency of the inter-cooled style, to lead to the internal flow efficiency more slowly, under the low supercharged vehicles use will fill cold gas efficiency too slow, prompting the cold strength can't play.

The heart of design should be in a high pressure environment will exert advantage fully, under high pressure by knowing the filling efficiency will be faster in the inside, plus cooling efficiency under the very good will fully exert more easily, under the condition of the hair dryer to positive pressure makes the flow rate is relatively slow in this cold happen next to make the outlet temperature up to 40 degrees more time than other cold, so also let the author cherished personal family hair dryer overheating when machine, make the test for a long time.

Unified inter-cooled apparatus is provided by double design, style is the most basic of Trust, the original turbine pressure increase and the turbine is most suitable for original position corresponding to the type of movement, the air pressure of the schedule of the damage to the lowest, please investigate the design of high reaction CCP processing and corrosion resistance also increase greatly, the scales of spot welding pretty appearance, not the kui is a Japanese style details still is very perfect.

Look from construction, guide duct using straight into 8 mm circular design, thus collides the wind the wind resistance will be lower, after cooling air encircled the pipeline can be effectively, but the design cost is higher so the ontology unit price also will follow up and guide the design of the duct in the Trust also collects plume can effectively increase the cooling area of the air inside the pipeline, at the same time it is worth mentioning that this is the minimum test of cold but in the end, the result is very good admirably. With cold machine

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