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Introduction to the use of new compressor cooler​

The published date:2013-03-25

The problems existing in the practical application of the cooler for use, full use of various gold production enterprise to collect relevant technical data, field investigation and production. According to the requirements of the air compressor operation, make sure its working condition is as follows: equipment within the design pressure of 0.9 MPa, design temperature 150 ℃, medium for compressed air, corrosion allowance of 1.0 mm, welded joint coefficient of 0.85; Cooling coil design pressure 1.0 MPa, design temperature to room temperature, medium for tap water, corrosion allowance 0 mm, welded joint coefficient of 0.85; Full volume of 1.05 m3, cooler for Ⅰ containers category.

According to the working conditions for the design of new type of compressed air cooler: (1) inside the cooler phi 800 x 1200 mm barrel filling 6 group phi 25 x 2.5 mm seamless pipe coil, cooling water by the cooler water inlet into the upper, from the bottom outlet; Compressed air from the bottom line into the cooler, the output from the upper line; Cooling water and compressed air for heat exchange, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling; (2) the use of the original after cooler based on specific installation design, and satisfy the installation requirement; (3) during the equipment installation design with does not destroy the original concrete foundation for the principle, and it is better to use steel structure; (4) according to the requirements of the compressed air piping and the installation of the cooling water pipe, seamless and we can choose the appropriate connection flange; (5) to select the suitable secondary relief valve, in order to meet the security needs; (6) in place after the overall debugging, to meet production needs.

According to the actual situation of equipment installation using, to improve the problems existing in the design process, such as: unreasonable cooler leg height, by reducing installation height, increase the stability of the cooler; Building at the bottom of the cylinder, so that the compressed air into the gas tank before the sewage discharge in time; Safety valve and pressure gauge interface is set in the upper cylinder, install safety valve, pressure gauge, used to monitor changes in pressure and temperature, to ensure the safety and reliability of the equipment operation.

Speed measuring available contact mechanical tachometer directly measure the speed of the motor and fan; Gradually adopted non-contact infrared electric sensor. Air volume can be used for measuring the parameters of wind speed sensor: originally meteorological measuring cup type sensor, measuring the range of values is 0.5  ̄ 30 m/s, speed and the actual wind speed within the range of the wind cup has good linear correlation, can completely satisfy the wind speed of the wind in any point of the adit determination; The sensor signal processing using photocell type or hall element type principle, wind cup every week fixed output pulse signal, for acquisition circuit count and processing, the host can print various sensors measured the actual wind speed and average. In rectangular wind profile, sensor arrangement such as shown below.

Computer program control stage since the 1990 s, used for mine fan device performance test automation instrument appeared, and be perfected continuously. China university of mining ventilation and safety laboratory in the fan device performance measurement system developed by the end of last century, the popularization and application in many coal mine, and obtained a great success.

Conclusion using advanced compressed air cooler instead of old-fashioned after cooler, through actual operation test, has obtained the good effect, greatly reduce the maintenance workload, deep about press operator.

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