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Electronic product recall finally tend to want! Imported products​

The published date:2013-03-25

1. Before construction should cooling pipe straightening, inside the tube should be clean, dry, should remove surface scale and dirt.

2. The finned surface should not have corrosion, abrasion and crack, apparent Nick, ribbed edge there should be no burr, flash.

3. The cooling pipe for string piece of ribbed tube, fin punching for "L" shape extending flanging. Flanging should not be broken.

4. Fin with steel pipe should be kept together, no loose. Winding the cooling pipe of each loose tube cumulative length should be not more than 200 mm. String of rib tube cooling pipe tube expanding quantity should not less than 0.4 mm, between the tube and fin interference amount should not be less than 0.15. Mm. After mechanical expansion pipe, tube expanding tube wall should not be left tube expander scratches or other tools.

5. Fin, such as bending, collision defects before delivery should be correct, but need straightening finned area shall not exceed 5% of the total surface area.

6. The bent pipe roundness tolerance should be not more than 15% of the pipe diameter.

7. Bend pipe wall thickness thinning amount should be no greater than 17% of the original wall thickness, bend should not have defects such as fold, indentation.

8. Cooling coil surface anti-corrosion treatment should be done, should be bright and clean after surface treatment, should not have spots, such as hanging tumor defects.

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